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Week 3: Product Research and Analysis

Week 4: Our First Product In Our Shop

Week 5: Tactics You Should Know While Growing Your Business

Week 6: Things to Do for the First Sale

Week 7: Customer Service and Other Issues

Week 8 : How to Hire a Virtual Assistant




2. How To Start a YouTube Channel 2022: Beginner’s Guide to Growing05:00
3. YouTube Video Ideas that’ll Get You More Views09:00
4.How to Overcome the Fear of Getting Started – YouTube12:00
5.How to Create a YouTube Channel for Beginners11:00
6 .How to create a YouTube channel [a complete step-by-step]11:00
7. Customize Your Channel Branding & Layout – YouTube12:00
8.The first ever YouTube video was uploaded12:00
9. 20 Great Video Ideas to Grow Your YouTube Channel11:00
10- Set Up Your Audio11:00
11. Where should you find the titles of your videos12:00
12. How should you set the tags of your videos?12:00
13. Increase Your Channel’s Success With Special Programs (free)00:00
1.Welcome YouTube Academy 2022 Complete Beginner to Pro Step-by-Step