Hello, I’m Akin Yilmaz, your eCommerce expert

Hello, I’m Akin Yilmaz, your eCommerce expert. Today we’re going to discuss the topic of getting suspended from eBay.

For many people, selling on eBay can open up exciting opportunities to grow a business. However, things don’t always go according to plan, and every now and then you might find yourself suspended from the platform. The good news is, you can still come back from this setback and eventually resume selling.

Let’s go over the reasons why you might have been suspended in the first place.

The most common reason is poor seller performance. If you consistently deliver poor customer service, don’t follow the platform’s seller policies, or fail to ship on time, your account might be suspended.

Other reasons include late payments or payment disputes filed against you, overly aggressive pricing tactics and aggressive marketing to buyers.

If you find yourself suspended, the first thing to do is review the Terms of Service Agreement and make sure that you understand why you were suspended in the first place. eBay will also provide a specific policy violation and explain what you need to do in order to resolve it.

Once you understand the policy violation, it’s time to take action. Depending on the type of violation, you may need to take steps such as refunding customers or providing proof that an item was shipped on time. Once you have taken corrective action, you can submit an appeal and hope that eBay will reinstate your account.

It is possible to get back to selling on eBay even after being suspended – but it takes a lot of work. As such, it’s important to inform yourself about the policies and make sure that you always adhere to them in order to prevent any future suspensions or other issues.

I hope this video has given you a better understanding of what it means to be suspended from eBay and how to come back. Thank you for watching!

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